Hello World

We are The Vantage Project. We place disproportionate value on individual desire for achievement and for work to be its highest self-expression.

This translates into an environment that fosters A-players, working together towards creating a better world for ourselves.

The Playbook

Non-myopic cooperation between free humans is a complex problem. Our work here serves to enable a solution, at scale. Playbook is its documentation.

Recommended read: Seek wealth, not money or status. -@naval

Evolution as the Guiding Principle

“Freedom and nature, Smith concludes, are a surer guide to the creation of a harmonious, functioning society than the supposed reason of philosophers and visionaries.” -Adam Smith

We strive towards Evolution, that is the true order of life. Our default stance is to reward the fittest, thus incentivizing its existence. And making it profitable to inculcate that habit.

And like evolution, we are an experiment in-progress.

If you are new here

Start with:

  1. Why do we value truth seeking

  2. What we look for with A-players

  3. How you can get invited to join

  4. How individuals create wealth for themselves here

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