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We seek to enable a culture of individual freedom, self-responsibility, and long-term growth. This approach is contrarian to Indian labor law.

Hence, we stay clear of it. Instead, we (i.e. you and us) decide and commit to the terms of our engagement that 'we' choose and sign that into a contract. This applies for everyone on the team.

Here is what you'll be committing to:

  1. Engagement contract: TEMPLATE

  2. Self-Responsibility

Engagement Contract

Contracts are documentation of our expectations from each other. We do 6-month 194J contracts that are set to auto-renew. Why 6 months?

pageCompensation Principle

We have designed them to be:

  1. Simple Jargons don't help establish trust. Information does. We include 'just enough' information that is needed to empower you.

  2. Transparent Trust is a fickle instrument. A commitment made without absolute visibility on what it is that is being committed to, is a farce.

  3. Human-readable Consent needs to be explicit. That requires errorless communication.

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