Purpose Driven Action

Let your activity serve an output. Let that output serve a business purpose.

All motion is not Progress

It's difficult to see the difference in the middle of an activity. The problem lies in our belief system.

Reference Start with Answer first | Effective Communication.

We are conditioned to start with what we know instead of what is needed to be done for the outcome to occur, irrespective of my current pool of knowledge.


When starting to execute, take a pause. Start with a visual of what is that you want to occur. Then, backpropagate to visualizing the set of activities that will reckon its occurrence certain.

Let that view be persistent during all that you do henceforth, until output is achieved.

In this state, activity isn't the destination in itself, but a mere run-time requirement.

Not all Purposes are equal

At any given time, a team is optimizing for only 1 of the 4 variables, while keeping others:

  1. Speed Time

  2. Cost Time + Re-do.

  3. Quality Output

  4. Control Predictability **

Often the teams will be going through them in the same order.


Understanding done.

You have to be done, but you can cut scope.

speed is the default variable to optimize for.

When planning execute in fixed time, but variable scope.

'what version of this can we ship in 2 weeks'

There isn't a checklist of things to be done aka specs.

Instead a concept

  1. here is the problem

  2. here is what matters about it

  3. here is what we understand why we are doing it //business purpose

  4. geenral outline of how we think this is going to work

Do less to do more

You can't push growth; you can only remove rate-limiting bottlenecks to growth.

This goes for individual growth too. You can't change a behavior. You can only change the underlying belief that causes it and then a behavioral change is its mere outcome.

Similarily for a team, seeing the better shared common view is the way to create any transformation.

Our beliefs are our only constraints.