Team Maturity Path

This is how you can ascend your team to peak performance.
This section is incomplete and work in progress. Please proceed with caution.

All teams start from the bottom-most level, for only individuals have existed before this. Their combination as a cohesive unit aka team is a new, ever-evolving, and always a unique construct that needs to be birthed. And then transitioned to peak performance.
It takes leadership to get that to occur.


Leadership is a responsibility, not an entitlement. Its purpose is to efficiently align a group's energy towards its most valuable output. And that requires channeling the common energy of the group to conquer the following issues. In order:
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The only tools at a leader's disposal are empathy (not sympathy), affordance, and inspiration.
For, the constraints of each individual and the collective unit become your constraints. You can't pretend they don't exist and yet, expect an outcome.