DKRs and Goal Setting

Desires. Not Objectives.


What would you like to achieve this month. Let your ambition write and self-observation edit. This is a statement of intent and subjective.

Key results

What outcomes will need to occur for that output to not be untrue? This is that checklist. Use SMART framework here.

Example DKR for level 2:

Desire: Mine all revenue opportunities within X from this cycle

Key Results:

  1. 5 opportunities validated by 7th.

  2. 3 proposals submitted by 14th.

  3. 100k worth of proposals accepted by 30th.

Writing DKRs

Desires get refreshed at the following frequency:

  1. Level 1 and 2: Monthly

  2. Level 3: Quarterly

  3. Level 4: Annually

Key Results are refreshed every month.

This activity is done collaboratively with your team and on one the first Saturday of every month.

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