We see ourselves as a sports team, that is built to win.

We spend significant energy to scout, develop, and cut to ensure champions in every position.

We are a remote-first team. We expect self-responsibility, ownership mindset, and mindfulness in the individuals we invite.

We call them A(utonomous)-players. Read more:

pageA-Player Attributes

Application Process

Meet Jarvis: our in-house AI that executes this process, helping our applicants receive clarity of decision in under 3 days.

Here is how we approach every hire:

  1. Getting to know you | Slack This is about understanding your journey, your skills and your desires.

  2. Getting at ease with each other | Zoom A 15-minute zoom call to deep dive into your journey with an additional 15 minutes, for any questions you may have. We encourage you to document them beforehand.

  3. Doing a dry run | Slack We'll invite you to work with us on a weekend work sprint and get a glimpse of what it would be like working with the team. Commitment requires conviction. This is your moment to build that.

  4. Setting up a win | Zoom It is sub-optimal to commit to a journey without an idea of where it leads. We'll help you set day 45, medium-term, and long-term wins, with a visible path to achieving them.

  5. Inviting you onboard | Slack We hope you accept.

First 45 Days

Stoploss is a method used in the financial markets to limit loss from a trade that goes wrong, as a method to manage risk.

Day 45 is your stop loss.

We want to be your happy place. Sometimes, we fail.

Day 45, is when we'll strongly ask you to observe yourself here. Are we your ideal spot? If the answer isn't obvious, we'd encourage you to walk away. No strings attached.

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