Understanding Truth

Are you really living "your" life, or merely executing incidentally learned behaviors of the moments past?


Your peace cannot be acquired through external inquiry, it is already within.

It exists in the symphony that is a life lived for its own truth. Not a life that dances to the tunes of fear/insecurities or delusions/hope. The latter is an entitlement filled state of existence, that desires the universe to behave at its whim. This is ego.

Only free men create value. Ego is your chains, and truth your freedom.

Ego is (attachment to) the identity that one thinks they are. In reality, there is only flow.


Integrity != Honesty

Integrity = Your Truth in this moment

Your There is no global objective truth. There are only subjective realities.

Anything that isn't self-discovered, is someone else's truth. It may or may not be yours.

Truth Absolute honesty practiced with oneself and others, in every moment and in mind, intent, and action.

In the moment The past exists only in your memory, the future in imagination. Only this moment is the reality.

Drop the ego and salvate with service.


"Truth-seeking is hard and often painful, but it is what separates self-belief from self-delusion" -Sam Altman

To see reality as is, not as you want it to be. Including the reality that you are, instead of what you think you are.

With that perspective, everything external stops being good or bad; it just is. A mere data point. And that frees the mind to focus on appropriate action, instead of indulging in reaction. This lens of detached observation when applied to the world, is a superpower. Existing, in reality, saves time and neurons that can be used for appropriate action instead. Thus, creating the shortest path to outcome by removing the need for multiple course corrections. And creating an unbeatable edge over the rest.

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