Monthly Status Check

This is an opportunity to unlock growth using the instrument of truth, executed through a 1:1 observational conversation with your leader.

The conversation is anchored around the individual's current progress vis-à-vis their current ascend attributes.

During the first 45 days, there are 3 additional status checks on day 7, 21, and 45.

How to leverage it effectively

Sometimes, switching from FPP (first-person perspective) to TPP (third-person perspective) is easier through leveraging a real third person. This is space as a detached mirror. You may also choose to skip it.


  1. Self-scoring by the Individual. Including their state of mind behind the score.

  2. Junior Partner offers their lens. Includes data, scores, and their state of mind behind them.

  3. Facetime For threads that are more efficiently closed in a verbal conversation.



By default, all status checks are private. They can be made public by the individual, at their volition.

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