6-month Audit

"We place disproportionate value on individual desire for achievement and for work to be its highest self-expression." - Playbook

Time to audit your desires. Take a breather every 6 months and Observe:

  1. Your journey of the past 6 months

  2. Your desired next 6 months

  3. The 'least-wrong' path to its success

Our existence on your 'least-wrong' path may at best be incidental. You may not set it as an expectation.

This is a personal activity to do at your end every 6 months. Loop us in the process if you wish. Loop us in the output for sure.


Why are desires important

Humans eventually and truly only do what they want. Irrespective of their choice to not see the choice in that behavior.

The most efficient life path is to stay aligned to that you truly seek. That is when we do our best work. Inspect your desires.

Path to a rewarding life:

  1. Start with what you want.

  2. Let your alignment (to where ever) be a discovery. Not a weight.

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