Upgrading Playbook

Playbook is an ever-evolving documentation of our ways of working. This is how that evolution occurs.

We encourage you to experiment at your level and share your learnings to help evolve the system. You may do so in the form of ideas.


  1. Proposal Create an issue on the Github Repo describing the idea and your lens.

  2. Sanity check The idea is auto-added to the agenda of the weekend syncup to solicit feedback.

  3. Draft If and when it is vetted, it is taken up in the partner syncup and concluded.

  4. Merged A PR is made and the change merged onto the main chain.


  1. No Retrospective Changes All changes are applied looking forward. And when upgrading, consent is re-solicited.

  2. Owner's skin. Owner's call. Ownership is a mindset, but it is also real material skin in the game. All equity holders are called Partners. And only they may impact a system-level change.

  3. Meritocracy. Not mobocracy. Transparency may look like democracy. It is not. Democracy may look like freedom. It is not. The goal is to empower individual drive. Not sacrifice it to consensus. In cases of dissonance; fork. And let evolution take its course.

How to become a Partner

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