System Values

The principles we strive for. And the principles we look for.


There is no such thing as 99% trust. Absence of trust, prevents greatness.

We use the following principles to afford a trust-filled environment : Consistency: We strive for principle (not opinion) based decision making. Reciprocity: A transparent correlation between performance and reward.

If performance and reward do not share a direct correlation and/or need an opinion based evaluation, then it isn’t performance that is served.


'Do what is right, even when you don't have to.'

The individual within each of us is beautiful, but sometimes the violence around, drowns it. We commit to batting for the individual, whenever afforded.

Expect to be treated as a self-responsible adult, even in times when you choose not to behave like one.

We care to empower, not indulge.


Survival is not the default, extinction is. Moving forward is what creates progress. We commit to affording personal growth. Thinking != Learning

Thinking + Doing = (Possible) Learning

We offer a high-paced journey that will keep you on your toes.

Audacious Grit

Audacity in vision. Sincerity in execution. There is no substitute for hard work. And there is no substitute for dreaming big. Life can be starkly different 6 months from now, that what it is today. Let's make it large.


Not democracy.

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