Compensation Principle

Our goal with salary (base pay) is that it checks the box of "enough" for individuals who are excited about working here (because of our mission, people, and work) and then fades into the background.

Median Pay

We follow a level-based structure corresponding to each Ascend Level. The idea is to prevent salary (base pay) from becoming a guessing game. It's simple and straight forward.


Earnings here have 4 components:

  1. Base Pay: This is decided by the level-based structure and is a function of your skill level and status on the ascend path.

  2. Success Pay: This is a function of the process you are the part of and usually adds another ~1x on your base pay. Success payouts occur when you win.

  3. Equity: This kicks in at level 3 as an additional percentage of your base and is dispursed monthly through liquid tokens.

  4. Equity-based dividends: Dispersed annually, and in equal-weighted ratio of token holdings.

This structure eliminates the need for a manager that decides your price. Instead, it lets your actions do it in a permissionless environment. Thus, putting you in control.

The system is designed to afford personal growth with unlimited upside and limited downside.

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