Realignment Solitude

Long term games with Long term players.

It is certain that there will be moments where work isn't giving you the same kick as it used to. Motivation will drop and so will Productivity.

This moment needs an affordance to self-discover Re-alignment. And self-discovery occurs in Solitude.

This routine creates breathing space for both of them to be possible.

How does it work?

Realignment solitude is a period of upto 20 days with the following stages:

  1. Getting on the same page When everyone doesn't share the same view, it creates mistrust. Mistrust wastes neurons. To be able to see the dissonance in its entirety is crucial. This requires a level of pure vulnerability with oneself.

  2. Solitude

    1. Moving to a side chain | upto 5 days Responsibilities get reduced and off the time-bound main chain, where failure is dispensable. This is a pressure free space for self-observation. And an opportunity to rediscover the joy of creation.

  3. Re-alignment

    1. Performing upgrades to the side chain. | upto 15 days Do what you like, until you like to 'do'. Choose a role that inspires you. Get started and build momentum. The goal is to fall in love with winning again. The role may be one that already exists within the system, or maybe entirely new and unrelated to our current vector.

    2. Merging back on the main chain | additional 5 days Now that we have you back, take up incremental responsibilities until you are indispensable again. Sometimes, merging may not be the right thing to do. In that scenario, 'Civilized Goodbyes' kicks in.

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