Taking Time off

You take less time off, there is a risk of burning out. You become lazy, and you can be beaten.

Minimum Offs

We encourage you to take breaks, with peace. That requires psychological safety. Here is our attempt at enabling it.

  1. Sundays are a mandatory off Work can wait 1 day. Don’t burn out. Take a break, stroll, and spend time on yourself. Productivity requires discipline, not heroism.

  2. Mandatory 52 days off every year Life will throw uncertainties. Account for it. Do not worry about being left behind. It'll be fine. 52 days off every year, accrued pro-rata every month; after the first 45 days. All days off above this threshold are likely to cost lost opportunities.

Plan Ahead

Account time for (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Celebration time Recommendation to take this after a significant project's completion.

  2. Recovery time When work output is suffering, take an off and reset yourself.

  3. Family time They need you too.

  4. Vacation Travel is the best way to expand horizons.

  5. Health You are likely to fall sick.

  6. External commitments Sometimes they'll be unavoidable.

Requesting time off

A general rule of thumb is: Days you’ll be away = Days of advance heads-up to give to your team.

Send a request to your Junior Partner and they will help re-organize work so that your absence doesn't impact your team's progress.

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