Limits of Engagement

Your employment here is subject to consent to these limits. This are non-negotiable.


Unhappy people create mediocre value, if any at all. Being able to do meaningful work that makes you happy, is an under-rated career growth-hack.

Be here only when we are your happy spot. Take self-responsibility. We can afford your happiness, we can't cause it.

No one owes you anything. The idea that others should act a certain way because you expect them to, is violence. Use consent instead. Ask them nicely. Make it explicit.

Consent also ensures accountability.


Lie starts with intent. A concealed truth is also a lie. Choose to be absolutely honest towards yourself and towards others, irrespective of however hard the truth may be.


You may not offload your agitations onto others. What offends you is your responsibility; address it within.

Wealth. Not Status.

Everyone's place here is based on the value that they add, not where they come from or what they choose to be. This requires no entitlement or special privileges/considerations.

We see you for you; sans the politics. Uphold yourself to this standard.


Openness is the default. Yet, it must not occur at a cost that is also someone else's.

Be completely open within. Be selectively open with the outside world.

Ask for consent from a partner before sharing any: 1. Financial 2. Strategic 3. Personal information about the company or its individuals outside.

Use the work email for creating all other work-related accounts.

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