Weekend Syncups

All Motion is not Progress.

Syncup up weekly with within each project team to maintain alignment between each individual's next week's path and the project goal.

Done asynchronously as a silent meeting starting at 5pm IST every Friday and concludes on Saturday 11am IST.


  1. What do you want to accomplish this coming week? Use SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable goals that are falsifiable (yes I was able to achieve it/no I was not). Limit the scope of the goal to the individual and hence no dependency. “What do YOU plan to achieve?”

    Example of a goal that doesn’t work: Working on X with the help of Y.

  2. Here is what you set as the goal for this week: <copy data from last syncup>

    What did actually get accomplished this week? This section is for your observation only. Use this for self-feedback. Include:

    1. Status check of progress on line items from the last Syncup.

      1. Mention progress, not motion.

      2. Add things that weren't planned but occurred.

    2. Address work-related status first. Then extend it to all else that occurred during the week.

    Reality != Being conservative. Reality != Heroism. Reality = Truth. Use this data to improve #1.

  3. Blockers faced in this week Understanding the problem completely is the solution itself.


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