Short-Term Hires

For individuals that are a good fit, but are not here for the long-term game.

Sometimes, we recruit short-term hires to plug in immediate gaps. That does not mean that the engagement has to have a short expiry.

The 'short-term' merely refers to their currently communicated desire.

These are used if and when a need arises and on a per-project basis.

Short-term engagement work the same as long-term engagements except:

  1. No compounding benefits like equity, ascend rewards or dividends.

  2. Only eligible for level 1 and level 2 roles.

  3. Payouts are on per-project basis.

  4. No ascend path, day 45 checkgate.

  5. No ask of using the DKR + feedback loops. Usage is, however, encouraged.

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