Seeing the Real 'Why'

Understanding the cause of an occurrence, is a non-apparent skill. Most of us are trained to not see the real deeper than what suffices for social acceptance.

'Why was the product delivered late?'


What occurred

'I missed my timelines'


What enabled it

'I put in less than 4 hours per day'


What caused it

'Delay of a day or two is acceptable'

Status is always the most obvious answer. And the most untrue.

Keep asking the why until you reach an answer that you can change in yourself.

Role of Values

Our mind makes decisions based on the value system it is subscribed to. Most of it is learned, through social institutionalization. Not discovered within.

Belief is emotion. Value is intellect. They are interchangeable in their purpose here. Use whatever is your usual method.

When you discover the belief that is hindering progress. Evaluate it really is valid, in this moment. That self-question is enough for change.

There are no objective beliefs, only subjective truths.

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